3 Self-Care Tips After a Loved One Passes

3 Self-Care Tips After a Loved One Passes

After the death of someone you love, it’s easy to get caught up in planning the memorial service, dealing with the estate, and all of the other details that unfortunately come with death. For some people, this kind of busywork is a means to avoid coping with what’s happened so that they don’t have to deal with the mourning process.


Unfortunately, if you dive into work (of any kind, not just planning the funeral and related details) to avoid feeling the loss of someone you loved, eventually all of those feelings are going to come crashing down on you. That’s why it’s important to give yourself time to grieve and to take care of yourself in the time after a loved one dies. Follow these tips for better self-care as you mourn.


Recognize That Grief Is Stressful


First, the grieving process is stressful and emotionally draining. Just the process of going through the five stages of grief can be exhausting. If you recognize this, you can give yourself permission to break down, to need some time alone, or to go to bed an hour early when you need to. Recognizing that you’re not “just” grieving and that mourning is a very difficult process that can be physically and mentally tiring will help you take the time you need to take care of yourself better.


Keep a Journal


In the days and weeks after your loved one passes, keep a journal. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or especially emotional, write down what you’re feeling. Spend a little bit of time each day writing down what’s going on in your head and your heart, and you’ll feel a little bit less stressed and overwhelmed immediately.


And, after a few weeks, you can look back at all the progress you’ve made. Not only that, but journaling is a good way to record memories of your loved one so that you can keep them in your heart for years to come.


Listen to Your Body


Especially in the first few days, it’s easy to ignore your body and its needs. You might find yourself forgetting to eat, sleeping instead of exercising, or working long past when you feel exhausted and ready to shut your eyes. Take some time to listen to your body and do what it needs, whether that means stopping to eat, going for a walk, or taking a nap.


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