Overcoming the Death of a Beloved Pet

Overcoming the Death of a Beloved Pet




Imagine taking care of a loved one for a decade or even two and then watching them slowly fail. You know there is nothing you can do about it, and you give them all the love, care and attention they need while silently preparing your heart for the loss to come. Even though it is expected, it can be overwhelming, and this is true whether that decade or more of care went to a human being or a pet.

Overcoming the death of a pet can be especially difficult because they typically need our attention throughout their entire lives. They never speak to us in words and yet we develop solid forms of communication with them, and the bonds we feel with them are intense. For many, it is like having children and for others it is like having the very best of friends. Losing them is inevitable, but rarely easy or without pain.

Keepsake Places

For many pet owners, things get even more difficult at the loss of the pet because they may not have property or a place to bury their beloved friend. This is why so many pets are cremated, and why millions of pet owners yearn for some way to create a special place or memorial to the pet. A keepsake urn is a wonderful idea, but there is also cremation jewelry that allows us to either retain or scatter pet’s ashes yet also keep them close to our hearts forever.

Johnston's Cremation Jewelry has memorial jewelry especially designed for pet owners, featuring paw prints and familiar silhouettes. The interior of each piece features a tiny urn into which some of the pet's cremated remains can be placed and kept for all time. This sort of choice enables a pet owner to deal with the cremated remains in whatever way they must, while also retaining a sense of nearness to the pet.

Differences in Grieving

It can be very difficult for those grieving pets because many people simply don't understand how intense the loss and grief might be. Whether a friend or family member has a pet of their own, they may not understand the situation. An urn necklace can be the perfect tool for dealing with grief. It is a physical emblem of your bond with your pet and enables you to take comfort at any time simply by reaching up to touch it at your neck.

While you might worry that people will misjudge you for wearing a necklace for ashes to commemorate your pet, the appealing style and subtle design of memorial jewelry does not announce that it is a form of urn jewelry.

Never allow anyone to tell you how to grieve. Instead, consider tools like cremation jewelry pendants that allow you to always be near your pet. Though it may seem like only words of comfort to insist that they are never truly gone from us, when you wear this type of keepsake jewelry, it becomes fact. You can take constant comfort and begin remembering your beloved pet without pain and only with beautiful memories.
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