A Better Way to Scatter Ashes

A Better Way to Scatter Ashes

The ways that societies deal with the remains of loved ones changes over the years, and in our current era, cremation is a very common choice. However, what families and loved ones do with ashes is changing. Though an urn kept in the home or in another location was once the most common way that people handled cremated remains, it is far more common for people to have some sort of scattering ceremony.

Scattering ashes is something that is not as easy or as straightforward as it sounds. After all, the manner in which we receive our loved one's ashes can often be surprising. A plastic bag tied with your average twist tie and all tucked into a small cardboard box is the usual manner. This is a bit of a shock to some, but where it becomes impractical and unwanted is during an ash scattering ceremony. This is because there is nothing more unceremonious than dispersing ashes from what amounts to a standard plastic bag!

This is why experts advocate the use of "scattering urns". These are beautifully designed urns that can be repurposed into everything from birdhouses to garden ornaments. The wonderful thing about them is that they allow you to scatter the ashes without any awkwardness or unpleasant sense that the container is less than it should be. Imagine scattering the ashes of a loved one from a biodegradable salt urn, a sand urn or even a wooden birdhouse. This is much more satisfying and peaceful than a plastic bag in a box.

The Challenges of Scattering Ashes

Of course, scattering ashes is not always what you might expect it to be. Blogger Tre Miller Rodriguez shared some amazing truths about this in one piece and among the points she made was that most don't realize they don't have to spread all of the ashes at once. She decided to slowly spread her late husband's ashes in places they vacationed as well as other spots he should have visited with her.

This is a good point for those who are dealing with the cremated remains of loved ones. She suggested a keepsake urn for storing ashes, and yet this is also a good point for those considering cremation jewelry.

This can allow them to manage their loved ones cremated remains, and easily transfer some into their cremation jewelry pendants or urn necklace. Then, they can decide whether to scatter the ashes at once, at many other points, or simply retain the ashes in an appealing urn.

Johnston's Cremation Jewelry is one resource for those who are seeking keepsake jewelry suitable for retaining some of their loved one's ashes. This is a perfect way to find peace as you decide what to do with a loved one's remains. Whether it is a beloved family pet or a human family member, the choice to permanently separate from their remains can be challenging, and yet cremation jewelry makes it an easier decision.

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