About Us

Jesus Christ said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6) Crosstraxx Inspirational Bracelets exemplify this in everything we do.

Since 2016 Crosstraxx have been producing high quality inspirational bracelets that are both stylish and practical. Perfect to wear when working out or just living life, Crosstraxx bracelets brings the healing power of magnetism together with the reassuring word of God in a unique way.

We produce quality magnetic bracelets in a choice of styles each printed with an inspirational bible verse to keep you motivated, focused on God and naturally pain-free. We know life can be hard and very often all one needs to do is pause, read God’s word and just praise God. However, this is not always easy and carrying a bible around 24/7 is even more challenging. At Crosstraxx we make that pause and praise moment possible for anyone through a range of powerful magnetic bracelets with prayed over bible verses etched into each one.

At Crosstraxx we bring fashion and faith together through our high-quality magnetic bracelets. Our aim and purpose is to encourage people with God’s word and combine this with the many health benefits of magnets in a convenient, practical and straightforward way.  Allowing anyone to carry the word of God into the gym and everywhere they go in their daily life Crosstraxx inspires and keeps you looking stylish.

Encouraged by Romans 12:28 our bracelets can be delivered worldwide and make a superb gift for anyone. Giving the gift of encouragement is encouraged itself throughout the New Testament and at Crosstraxx we carry out that call and further encourage our customers to partake in giving what is one of the most kind, powerful and true gifts.

Our range of inspirational bracelets is growing continuously and we are open to any bible verse suggestions or requests you might have. Our sole ambition is to share God’s word and encourage anyone and everyone in their daily walk with Christ by wearing one of our bracelets.