Choosing the Right Cremation Jewelry to Remember a Beloved Pet

Choosing the Right Cremation Jewelry to Remember a Beloved Pet

There’s no arguing that your pets are a part of your family. They provide companionship when you’re lonely, and they’re always great for a laugh when you need one. For years, they depend on you and you care for them and share a truly special bond. It’s no wonder that people call their cats and dogs their “fur babies”. After all, these beautiful and loving creatures need us to survive, and we need them for their love and affection.


Because they really are members of your family, it can be devastating when a pet dies. Though you know they’re gone, you expect them to bound into the room at dinnertime or to be lying in a patch of sunlight by the window all afternoon. Knowing that you’ll never stroke their fur or nuzzle their nose again is heartbreaking.


And yet, people hardly ever hold memorial services or funerals for their pets, and they don’t do the other things that can help you say goodbye and hold onto your memories and love of your pets the way that something like a piece of cremation jewelry can. We’ve talked before about mourning a pet and some of the ways that you can get a sense of closure and work through your grief. Choosing the right cremation jewelry to wear in memory of a pet can be one of the best things you can do for yourself in during this time of loss. But which piece should you choose?


Themed Cremation Jewelry to Remind You of Your Pet


Johnston’s offers a variety of options for pet cremation jewelry. You could get a heart-shaped pendant necklace or charm bracelet with a tasteful outline of a cat on it to remember your cat when it would purr on your lap. You could also get a heart-shaped charm with a pair of paws on it for either a cat or a dog.


Of course, these might not seem exactly right for your pet, and that’s alright. Perhaps you took your dog on walks at night, and you remember looking up at the moon as the two of you strolled along. A moon charm might be the perfect urn for a few of your dog’s ashes so that you can keep them close and think of those beautiful nights walking under the moon.


If your cat always chased butterflies, moths, and anything with wings in the backyard or around the house, you might consider a butterfly cremation memorial pendant. You can think of your sweet kitty leaping and running after flitting butterflies every time you look at it.


Cremation jewelry is a unique way to celebrate a pet’s life and help yourself through the mourning process at the same time. Take a look through the different options for charms and pendants from Johnston’s Cremation Jewelry today.
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