Guide for Filling Cremation Jewelry

Guide for Filling Cremation Jewelry




If you have purchased a piece of cremation jewelry or even several cremation jewelry pendants, it is likely due to the fact that you have decided to keep your loved one close to you, but in a discreet and deeply personal way. The different styles of cremation jewelry show that we can use special and beautiful symbols to help overcome our loss. Whether it is an urn necklace designed with a paw print, reminding us of our intense love for a family pet or a patriotic symbol for a loved one who passed while serving in the military, there are memorial jewelry options ideal for almost all situations. Johnston's Cremation Jewelry has many beautiful styles, and each is discreet and comforting.

Easing Difficult Decisions

Cremation can leave us with difficult situations. We have the cremated remains of a loved one, but we may struggle with just where to keep them or scatter them. If scattering them was arranged before they passed, or simply something everyone agreed upon doing, it can be very hard to say goodbye completely. This is why cremation jewelry is such a lovely option.

You get to keep your loved one physically near you, remember them with beautiful symbolism and yet also live up to their final wishes or provide them with a final resting place. It allows more than just one person to retain a physical bond with their loved one as well and memorial jewelry can be of great comfort to many family members.

Making the Transition

Though the concept of a necklace for ashes is new, it is an incredibly popular one. With ash scattering ceremonies becoming more and more popular and a keepsake urn something most choose, a cremation necklace makes sense. After all, most cremated remains are turned over to families or loved ones in small, sturdy cardboard boxes. The ashes are usually in a strong plastic bag. Though a dependable way to transport the ashes, it is not how anyone wishes to keep a loved one's remains.

Transitioning them into a keepsake urn is not at all unusual, but can be surprisingly difficult both emotionally and physically. Having the appropriate tools is essential. This is also the same for when you are filling cremation jewelry and you may want to do this all at once to cut down on the emotional strain of handling your loved one's remains.

In both cases, a small funnel will be essential. For the cremation jewelry, it is a very tiny funnel that should come with the necklace. A scooping tool such as a disposable spoon is very useful and allows all of the ashes to fall into the funnel and then inside the cremation necklace or pendant without touching your hands. If you do get ashes on your skin, simply rinse them away with water.

When transferring ashes to a keepsake urn, use a large mouth funnel and a scoop, as pouring ashes is never recommended. The urn can be a wonderful way to bring ashes to a scattering ceremony, but it is the cremation jewelry that will surely help you to deal with loss and have a sense that your loved one is always with you, and always near.
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