Heal With Remembrance

Heal With Remembrance

Too often we are encouraged to deal with grief by "moving on" or trying not to think too much about our loss. This may work for some, but for many, it just puts grief on a back burner where it can become a larger burden that we might find more and more difficult to deal with. It can mask itself as fatigue, anger and depression, but at the root of it is unaddressed grief. This is why it may be better for many struggling with a loss to use remembrance instead.

Forms of Remembrance

Many of us see things like park benches and lovely murals honoring those who were deeply loved during life. We also all know about the beautiful things written on headstones in graveyards, statements that are irrefutable proof that those lost are always remembered. However, there is an evolving trend in remembering those lost as we cope with the grief of losing them, and it is known as cremation jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry as Beautiful Remembrance

Essentially, cremation jewelry contains a small amount of the ashes of the one lost. Whether you are going to scatter their ashes or keep them in a keepsake urn somewhere in the home, you can also use the symbolism of memorial jewelry to work your way through grief and begin to heal.

Johnston's Cremation Jewelry has many different styles of cremation jewelry pendants for both genders and in unique designs that are surprisingly stylish and discreet. Wearing an urn necklace is something many people are choosing to do as they heal from their loss, and it can greatly improve how they feel about the situation. Instead of feeling sad or alone, the memorial jewelry serves as a constant reminder that their loved one is always with them; they need only touch the necklace for ashes to be reminded of that.

Children Benefit Greatly

Surprisingly, one group that has shown the benefits of healing through remembrance is children. Giving them a piece of keepsake jewelry, such as urn jewelry, can greatly help them overcome such a devastating loss. It gives them a physical object that they can use to remember, talk about and better understand how they feel. Rather than talking about a new pet or how they can move on, giving them a cremation necklace tells them that they can talk about the pet whenever they like and that no one we have ever lost is truly gone because we remember them.

It can be difficult to deal with the immense pain that comes with grief and loss, and so often we seek some sort of distance from that pain. However, if we remember the happiness of our time with our loved ones or beloved pets, it can alleviate some of that pain and allow us to begin truly healing. The use of cremation pendants is a simple and quite beautiful way to look on our loss in a new way. A beautiful symbol that reassures and helps heal, it is a good choice for a friend or family member who has suffered loss.

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