How to Cope With Grief During a Pregnancy

How to Cope With Grief During a Pregnancy


For many women, finding out they’re pregnant is one of the most joyful things that they’ll ever experience. While the process of creating a life can be exhausting and emotional, women all over the world agree that it’s also exciting and wonderful, too. Unfortunately, many women today will have to deal with the process of mourning a loved one during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant and someone you love has passed on, the grieving process may be more deeply emotional and more difficult, both physically and emotionally. Here are a few steps to take to help yourself through this difficult time.


Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help


If you lose a parent or another loved one who would have been a large part of your baby’s life, it’s easy to think of all of the missed memories you’ll have and how much you’ll wish that they were there for your child’s first steps, first words, and so many other “firsts”. In this time, don’t hesitate to ask for any kind of help you need, whether it’s physical or emotional.


Whether you need someone to carry some groceries in from the car or a shoulder to cry on, you don’t have to go through this alone. Ask for help whenever you need it, and the people who love you will be glad to give it to you and show you what a loving world your child is coming into.


Gather Pictures and Mementos


Instead of thinking about all that your loved one will miss and how sad it makes you feel that your child will never get to know them, consider how you can share their memories with your child when they’re old enough. Collect old photos and videos, as well as other mementos, and put them together in an album or a display that reminds you of them and that you can look through with your child later on.


Pass Their Name on to Your Child


Especially if you’ve lost a parent, passing your loved one’s name on to your child can be a wonderful way to memorialize them, connect them to your child, and always keep them in your heart. And you know that one day your child will ask how you chose their name, which will give you a beautiful opportunity to tell your child about all of your memories of their namesake.


As a physical commemoration and reminder that your loved one is always with you, you may also want to consider purchasing some special cremation jewelry. This way you can actually take a part of your loved one with you wherever you go, or you could pass your cremation jewelry on to your child as a special gift to honor the memory of their grandparent or another loved one. Johnston's Cremation Jewelry has numerous beautiful designs, one of which is sure to be the perfect fit for you.
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