How to Create a Memorial After Scattering a Loved One’s Ashes

How to Create a Memorial After Scattering a Loved One’s Ashes

Scattering a loved one’s ashes can be one of the most healing and cathartic moments in the mourning process. You get the chance to take your loved one to their favorite place or to a place they’ve never been but had always hoped to go, and you feel as though their spirit is there with you, watching over you as you scatter their ashes in this special place.


Of course, quite often, when you scatter someone’s ashes, you’ll do it in a place that you can’t easily visit very often. Or, even if the ashes are scattered nearby, you will still want something that physically reminds you of them and that will memorialize them in some way. There are a number of ways that you can do this, some of which will create a memorial that anyone can visit and some of which will create a more private, personalized memorial for you to visit or see regularly on your own.


A Memorial Garden


If your loved one enjoyed getting outside and doing work in the garden, a memorial garden is a wonderful gesture that you can make to honor their memory. You can do this on your own property, or you can donate funds to plant a memorial garden in a nearby park.


A Memorial Bench


Another great memorial idea is to donate money to your local parks department to have a memorial bench installed in a place that your loved one visited often. If there was a particular restaurant or another business where they were a regular and enjoyed spending a lot of time, you might also talk with the proprietors about adding a memorial bench out on the sidewalk where people can rest and where you and your friends and family can come sit and reminisce about your loved one when you feel the need to be close to them.


A Symbolic Gravestone


If you have a family plot, you may want to have a symbolic gravestone set in place there. This gives you and your family members and friends a place to go when you want to pay your respects to your loved one, even though their body is not actually present there.


Cremation Jewelry


Finally, instead of scattering all of your loved one’s ashes, you could save some to be put in a piece of cremation jewelry. Then, whenever you wear that jewelry, you’ll have your loved one with you, and you can think and reflect on them, their memories, and all they did for you in their life.


Cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to create a private memorial for a departed loved one. With it, you can honor their memory wherever you go and always feel close to them. Consider a few of the gorgeous options available from Johnston’s Cremation Jewelry   today.

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