How to Help Aged Relatives Unable to Attend a Family Funeral

How to Help Aged Relatives Unable to Attend a Family Funeral





It is not at all unusual that a family will have at least one relative who is too far and/or infirm to attend a funeral. This can be a source of great pain for that loved one if they were close to the person who has died, and it is very important to support them through their grief. This can mean visiting them more, listening to them when they talk about their pain, and understanding that no matter how old or ill they might be, they will still have to process their grief. They will have to deal with those famous five stages of grief, and it is important that they have family or friends who can help them with it.

Consider a Token of Remembrance

It is a universal truth that many people love to receive physical tokens that can remind them of the loved one they lost. It can be a trivial item like a pocket comb, watch or a framed photo. Whatever your family member requests, do your very best to find it and bring it to them.

Remember too that calling cards for a funeral, a dried flower from a bouquet, and even a lock of hair from their loved one might also be of great comfort. Another unique item to consider is an urn necklace. Though this is something relatively new, cremation jewelry is actually a beautiful way to allow someone to keep their lost loved one close.

A Unique Reunion

It is surprising to see the level of comfort that grieving people can take from physical remembrances and tokens. Giving your loved one memorial jewelry that contains ashes or a lock of hair is one way they can feel as if they were able to be with that person one last time. This is a tremendous form of comfort and something that might bring an obvious sign of relief to the person mourning their loss.

We use the word closure quite loosely these days, and yet we may not quite understand just how many ways it can occur. Attending a funeral often brings that sense of closure because we are able to share our grief, our funny memories and our thoughts with others who are in obvious pain. It allows us to grieve and have witnesses to our grief.

The relative stuck in a nursing home or at home in bed unable to travel may feel an immense sense of pain simply because their grief has no outlet. They have no one to grieve with in a productive way. A cremation necklace may serve as a way for them to express how they feel - whether they do this with you or alone with the remains of their loved one. It can be a tremendously positive and healing experience, and a good reason to consider keepsake jewelry from Johnston's Cremation Jewelry.

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