Is It Better to Keep Ashes?

Is It Better to Keep Ashes?

When we suffer a loss, our grief can make us yearn to hold on to the person we lost in any way that we can. We might refuse to give away their clothing, clean up their possessions or even deal with issues like canceling mail delivery. These are such final things, and they can each be very painful. This is also why so many people are torn over what to do with a loved one's ashes.

While there are some instances when a decorative keepsake urn is used to house the ashes and keep them in a family home, not everyone is sure they wish to keep ashes in this way. There are also times when ashes are retained until a spouse or partner also passes, and then both sets of ashes are handled as the couple wishes. Some people also request to be cremated and to have ashes buried or put into special vaults in cemeteries.

However, there are just as many people who have loved one's who request cremation, but then do not specify what is to be done with the ashes. This can lead to some confusion about what to do with the remains. Should they be kept? Should they be scattered in a place that was important to their loved one? There is no one or right answer to such questions.

Holding On

The one thing to remember is that it may be difficult to live with ashes and not know what or when you are going to finish the process of dealing with them. There are many families that would say they just don't know what to do with the ashes of their loved one, and many hesitate because they are not yet ready to say goodbye completely.

This is why the rising trend in ash scattering ceremonies has appeared. People are more and more investing in unique urns, with some even becoming useful items like birdhouses or others that are entirely biodegradable like those made of gelatin or even salt.

Yet, there is always that risk that you might struggle with letting go entirely of your loved one. When we are buried we have a resting place where family and friends can come to feel reconnected and to remember. When we are cremated, that eliminates that option, yet there is also the desire to free the ashes.

A Beautiful Remembrance

Johnston's Cremation Jewelry has an ideal solution to such dilemmas in their different styles of cremation jewelry. Whether used to retain a lock of hair or some of the ashes of a cremated loved one, they allow us to scatter ashes yet also have a physical bond with our loved one.

An urn necklace is not designed in a way that is obvious as to its purpose. Instead, it is a form of memorial jewelry that can be chosen to serve as an unforgettable symbol of the loved one we have lost. A necklace for ashes can be for a pet as well as a person, and you can find keepsake jewelry in many different designs well suited to men, women or children. Cremation jewelry pendants can be a wonderful answer to the dilemma of keeping cremated remains or scattering them as a loved one may have wanted.
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