Mourning a Pet

Mourning a Pet

How to Heal After the Loss of a Pet.

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult life experiences that we can go through. A pet quickly becomes a member of the family. They’re there for every milestone, every holiday and every moment in between. We all know that we will need to face the day when our pet is no longer with us, but this doesn’t make it any easier. We often find ourselves unsure of what is appropriate when it comes to mourning. Here are our recommendations for mourning a pet in a healthy manner that will provide your deceased with respect and give you and your family the closure that you need.

Have a Ceremony

It may seem silly to some but this event will help you reflect on your pet’s life while providing you with necessary closure. Make sure to include your entire family and if there’s anyone else who you think would appreciate being there, be sure to send along the info to them. Share stories and celebrate their lives and the memories that were made along the way.

Let it Out

Don’t think that you need to hold in your emotions just because the deceased is an animal and not a person. The loss can be just as traumatic and in some cases, even more. Talk with family members or friends about your loss. If you don’t have anyone to turn to, call a pet loss hotline. If that makes you uncomfortable, write about your loss. Just remember that expressing your emotions is healthy and is a necessary step in moving on.

Spread the Love

Do a good deed in honor of your pet. If you lost a cat, donate your time to the local cat shelter. If you lost a dog, donate a crate of tennis balls to a shelter. If you are pressed for time, consider making a monetary donation in honor of your pet. Find a way to balance out the bad with some good. This is a very powerful moment in the grieving process.

Keep them Close

A wonderful way to keep the memory of your pet alive and close to your heart is to wear cremation jewelry. This type of jewelry is designed to allow you to add some of your pet’s ashes or a lock of their hair into a sealed compartment. You can do this in a pendant or necklace.

When you choose to purchase your jewelry from Johnston’s Cremation Jewelry, you’ll be presented with a wide selection of high-quality options. There are designs that were created specifically for preserving the memory of a pet. You’ll appreciate the care and consideration provided by each team member that you come into contact with. Once your keepsake has been filled and sealed, you’ll love the comfort that the jewelry provides you with. Your pet will never truly be gone when you keep them close with jewelry provided by Johnston Cremation Jewelry.

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