Mourning Rituals and Why They’re Important

Mourning Rituals and Why They’re Important


No one likes going to funerals or memorial services. However, we all recognize that there’s something essential and important about these services and the rituals involved with them. Though we may not share the same superstitions that gave rise to some of the common practices performed in today’s mourning rituals, we can still take comfort in them. Why? Because, for a number of reasons, these mourning and grieving rituals are important, especially in the case of funerals and memorial services.

So what exactly do we get from these rituals, and why do we continue to perform them today?


A Chance to Come to Terms With the Death


As you probably already know, denial is the first stage of grieving. To move forward with the mourning process, you must be able to acknowledge and recognize the reality of your loved one’s death. Mourning rituals allow people to come together to grieve openly and acknowledge the reality of a loved one’s passing.


A Chance to Embrace the Pain of Loss


As bleak as this may sound, it’s important to let yourself cry and even sob as you feel the pain of loss from a loved one’s death. Embracing that pain with other loved ones lets you feel it in a healthy and safe way. Many of the rituals of a funeral or memorial service, like readings from the family or scattering ashes, are designed to help you come to terms with your loved one’s death and feel the pain of grief so that you can eventually let that pain go.


An Opportunity to Remember a Loved One’s Life


Of course, the final stage of the grieving process is acceptance, and in acceptance you can start to remember the good times and reminisce on your loved one’s life with happiness instead of sadness. During a memorial service, you and your friends and family will have time to remember your loved one’s life and to honor them with at least a glimmer of joy even in all of your sorrow.


Supporting One Another Through Your Grief


Mourning rituals, whatever they may be, are also important because they gather friends and family to grieve together and to support each other. To show each other support and to keep their departed loved one close, many mourners today will purchase cremation jewelry. Perhaps you and the closest family members and/or friends will have the same pendants or charms, all of which will hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes so that you can all keep them with you always.


There are countless mourning rituals associated with funerals and memorial services around the world, but they almost all have one thing in common. They serve to bring people together to help them through the grieving process.


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