Why Give Memorial Jewelry?

Why Give Memorial Jewelry?

Ask anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one and they will admit to many moments of forgetting that the person they lost is "no longer here". That immeasurable distance between ourselves and those we have lost can feel like a physical pain. This is one of the hardest parts of grieving - accepting that we will be unable to see, speak or be with our loved one again.

Whether we have lost a friend, family member or a pet, the pain of loss is very difficult to overcome. Sometimes, we think we are getting better and a small issue, sight, smell, or just about any other experience can trigger a new wave of pain. This is all part of healing from grief, and yet there are things we can do to make it easier on ourselves.

Healing from Loss

For one thing, most of us have a place or a way we can make ourselves feel reconnected to the person lost. It might be visiting their headstone at a cemetery, going somewhere we often traveled with them, or even just looking at a photo and speaking with them.

Another we can do is where memorial jewelry. This is something like an urn necklaces that is designed to look like a regular pendant, but which features a hidden compartment where a lock of hair or some of their ashes can be placed. Kept close to our hearts, the cremation jewelry allows us to have a sense of that physical presence we yearn for, just as we experience it when visiting our loved ones at their graves.

The Importance of Remembrances

What is so important about memorial jewelry of this kind, though, is that it allows us to honor a loved one's wishes, or the need for, cremation while also still giving us the opportunity of remaining connected. Most ashes are scattered according to a loved one's wishes or in a way that honors them. This leaves us without that way of feeling close to them as we do at a grave. It can make it very difficult to heal, but with urn jewelry, that all changes.

Keepsake jewelry of this kind is also an ideal tool for helping children overcome the loss of a pet. Often, this is the first experience of death and loss, and children may not know how to cope with it. Giving them cremation jewelry encourages them to speak about the pet, allowing them to tell you how they are doing with the loss. It lets them understand that our loved ones are always with us because we remember them, speak of them and recall all our happy times together.

Memorial jewelry is also a good idea for the elderly often unable to attend the funerals of loved ones or cherished friends. It provides them with the means of experiencing closure, and yet also serves as a way of speaking about their loss and dealing with grief.

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