Why Johnston’s Cremation Jewelry is the Right Choice for Preserving Memories

Why Johnston’s Cremation Jewelry is the Right Choice for Preserving Memories

Johnston's Cremation Jewelry  is owned by Johnston’s Gifts LLC. They are located in Los Angeles, California and serve families and individuals who have lost a loved one by allowing them to preserve a piece of the departed through elegant and stunning jewelry. Preserving the memory of a lost loved one is not a new concept but Johnston’s Cremation Jewelry adds some unique benefits to the process that are sure to be appreciated by customers and their families.

Trusted Family Business

Trust and quality are the first attributes that all Johnston family businesses bring to the table. They know how precious your trust is and they run their business in a matter that encompasses and encourages this trust.

Johnston's Cremation Jewelry knows that you have other options and they want to be known as the company that can be trusted with your business, emotions and stories. Each customer is treated like a close friend and every transaction is treated as a personal conversation.

Experienced with Your Needs

Johnston's Cremation Jewelry understands the difficult time that you’re going through. They will handle your order with respect and ensure that it will arrive on time and properly packaged.
The compassionate team members are available to answer any questions that you might have and offer suggestions if requested. They understand how many decisions and questions are going through your mind during such a time and will do everything that they can to make this process as easy and rewarding as possible.
You’ve made an important decision in deciding to hold your loved one so close to you through jewelry. Don’t allow an impersonal jewelry provider to make the experience any more difficult than it should be. Let us help you honor your loved one.

High-Quality Products

The jewelry that you chose from our catalog will be the forever home for your loved one’s ashes. We understand this and have gone through countless tests to make sure that are products are only made from high-quality materials and are durable, all while being elegant and attractive.
This balance of strength and preciousness will be noticed in all of our pieces, whether you choose a bangle, a necklace or a pendant. We also offer a wide variety of styles to suit your needs. We offer masculine, feminine, contemporary and religious designs. We also offer designs that were constructed with your pet in mind.
All of our items are made of stainless steel. They each include a funnel for easy filing. These funnels are designed for use in cremation jewelry and will keep remains safe. Each item is simple to use. Unscrew the top, add your desired contents and screw the top back on with a drop of glue to ensure secure closure.
All of our items come packed in a stunning red gift box, in case you are ordering the item for someone dear to you.
Let Johnston's Cremation Jewelry  help you preserve memories and keep the love between you and the departed close at all times.
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